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Friday, August 15, 2014

Download Turbo Sub full version pc game and Play it on Your PC


Download Turbo Sub full version For Free

Download Turbo Sub full version pc game and Play it on Your PC!


In Turbo Subs sandwiches are the name of the game int he city that never sleeps - New York.

In Turbo Subs you are the waitresses and your mission is to serve as many customers as possible using your mouse. To take an order, click on the customer and then you have to relay the order to the kitchen and then you click back on the customer. If he or she is satisfied with their service, you earn a succulent tip which is the game's scoring system. However - that's not your only problem. There are also frequent raids by thieves trying to steal cash from the till and all your tips. You have to fight these off whilst at the same time, coming up with new and interesting sauces to in crease your customer satisfaction and thus tips. The game features cool cartoon style graphics and some catch melodies to help you along your way. It is however a little bit boring as there's not much variation other than taking and relaying orders.

Download Turbo Sub full version pc game and Play it on Your PC!

A super-charged sequel to the hit time management game Turbo Pizza, Turbo Subs is twice the fun, twice the challenge, with twice as much speed. Hit the kitchen running as Rebecca and Robert continue their pursuit of building the greatest restaurant franchise in town. Except now they find themselves in a much bigger town, New York City! With loads of upgrades, secret sauces, and unique tastes, Turbo Subs is a delicious new adventure for the whole family!

Seek-and-find mini games.
Whimsical New York City locations.
High speed Turbo Service mode.

Help Rebecca and Robert open successful sandwich shops in three whimsical New York City locations. Satisfy impatient customers, fend off villainous thieves and upgrade your restaurants in this super-charged sequel to Turbo Pizza!



  Download Turbo Sub full version pc game and Play it on Your PC!

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