Enjoy the show!!!

The true show is once again coming to town!!! The fashionistas are in the festive mood, the media coverage is grand as always, people are talking about it whenever a tall skinny girl passes them by... No, its not the Cirque d'hiver!!! It is the fashion week!!! La setimanna di moda, or La semaine du mode...never mind the language spoken. we are looking at 4 world cities in the next 3 and a half weeks, following the renowned brands and new faces, models and editors, high heels and hopefully warm coats, previews and after show parties!

Monday, February 15, 2010


Monday morning...like it matters, since the weekend was spent as any other day during the fashion week...running around, fitting and working! i even made it to Brooklyn!!! :-) Don't even get me started about the Valentine's day which i hope you enjoyed more then me.
Anyway, the first show of the day was Carolina Herrera...!!!! A great team of people (yes, i do include models) working for it...When we were about to start the show, casting director stood up and gave a little motivating speech...very sincere one if i may add. I wouldn't quote it here, but what it did for me today, i will be very grateful for. It has returned the special feeling you get just before you hit the runway,they call your name, you straighten the lining on a dress, make the first step, and lock your eyes on the central camera...enjoying yourself so much!!! Music is wonderful, the girl returning of the runway smiles at you, just a glance at her, then again the cameras, music speeds up, everything is very bright, middle line is yours...and stop!!! There is a pose at the end!!! You know there is a big screen in the backstage... friends are watching you, designer is happy, and all those people in the audience...silent!!! Sometimes you can hear parts of some words like "wonder...", "...yfull", " ... at this one", ... And then the  flashes!!! There's no better compliment to that dress you are wearing then the sound of dozen of cameras flashing, almost hypnotising you, make seconds seem like a wonderful trance... And then you head back..don't forget to smile to the girl coming out, just few more steps, and there you are, backstage again...all went great, you try to catch your breath like you just ran a mile, even your cheeks are a  bit red, but thats fine..there's always someone to retouch the make up, make it all white and flawless again, just like the camera likes it! The Finalle, the dramatic music, the applause, the crowd standing, even more flashes...so it ends, the true show!
That casting director said only few words but it sounded sincere, truthful,  they made us matter as persons, not just beautiful manequines ...
We all know who we are, but it is good to make sure once in a while that rest of you know too. :-))) I thank him  for that!

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