Enjoy the show!!!

The true show is once again coming to town!!! The fashionistas are in the festive mood, the media coverage is grand as always, people are talking about it whenever a tall skinny girl passes them by... No, its not the Cirque d'hiver!!! It is the fashion week!!! La setimanna di moda, or La semaine du mode...never mind the language spoken. we are looking at 4 world cities in the next 3 and a half weeks, following the renowned brands and new faces, models and editors, high heels and hopefully warm coats, previews and after show parties!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Olga Sherer at the Lacoste casting

Another busy day! (no, I am not complaining that I am tired, that my feet hurts and that I will have my first cooked meal in 3 days, only if my flat mate prepares something)Those words won't come from me!!! :-) Anyway, let me get home, and tell you all about it then!
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